HF- Generator
Fritz Hüttinger Elektronik GmbH PFG 1600 RF
BezeichnungHF- GENERATOR
TypPFG 1600 RF
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Gewicht52 KG
Abmessungen221,0 x 437,0 x 500,0 mm
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Beschreibung  Brief description
The PFG 1600 RF is a newly developed, water-cooled radio-frequency generator designed for various plasma and thin-film processes such as magnetron sputtering sputter etching reactive ion etching CVD plasma processes bias applications.
This unit is the smallest component of a new product line of compact, fully transistorized, µC-controlled RF generators.
The compact RF generator is mounted in a 19'' slide-in unit and is characterized by durability, reliability and good serviceability.
Protection against mismatching and overload, particularly important for processes utilizing plasma technology, is provided in the RF generator through overdimensioning of the electronic monitoring and protective systems.
All functions can be operated by remote control via an analog/digital interface ref. an RS232- C or RS485 interface; the RF generator can therefore easily be integrated in a process- computer controlled system. The generator is operated directly via a keyboard with function keys and a two-line LCD displays.
Communication with connected Hüttinger components (automatic matchbox, RF reversing switch, master oscillator, etc.), formerly via multl-conductor cables, is effected through a fiber-optical ring bus (LWL). This eliminates interference due to RF fields.
The generator is constructed and built according to the corresponding rules of VDE , especially VDE 100, VDE 160 and EMV-rules.

1 Technical specifications
1.1 Nominal power 1600 W continuous operation
(measured at RF output into rated load 50 ohms)
1.2 Nominal frequency 13.56 MHz +/- 0,05 % crystal stabilized
1.3 RF output 50 Ohm coaxial socket (''7/16'')
1.4 RF input 50 Ohm coaxial socket (''BNC'') for common exciter operation
1.5 Unwanted noise max. 2% at RF output power modulation of RF > 40 % rated output carrier
1.6 Typ of RF circuitry
- crystal-controlled oscillator
- transistorized pre-amplifier (MOSFET)
- transistorized power stages in AB mode (MOSFET)
1.7 Adjustment of RF power
- µP-control
- regulation of RF power or RF/DC voltage
1.8 Type of Circuitry of Power Stabilization
- Monitoring of actual power by integrated reflectometer
- Input amplifier for actual value signals
- Actual value linearization, nominal-µP actual value comparator and PIP regulator
1.9 Control
- Operation panel and LCD display
1.10 Operating modes
- Internal control of the generator via an internal operation panel
- External remote control of the generator (for example by a computer) (RS 232 C rev RS 485 serial interface)
- Common Exciter-Operation (with master-oscillator)
1.11 Operation control
- Automatic limiting of the current consumption by current limit value regulation
- Automatic limiting of the reflected power by Pr limit value regulation
- Automatic limiting of the voltage on the power amplifiers by V DS-Limit-regulation
Delayed overload cut-off with fault indication after continued
-overload of the power stages
-mismatch Pr > 320 watts
-overvoltage at power-ampliiers V DS > 110 V Immediate cut-off, if -temperature too high
-open interlock
1.12 Safety Measures
- Connection for external interlock
- Control voltage 24 V DC unbalanced with respect to housing (chassis ground)
2 .13 Cooling water cooling of all power devices
Data: max. ambient temperature 35° C
cooling water volume 4 1/ min.
cooling water inlet tempt Tw > Td, max. 30° C
max. allowable water pressure 6 bar
Water connection: fittings for hoses 8mm OD, 6mm ID
When the RF-Generator is inserted into a 19'' rack, it is recomended, that the back door of the rack is not too close to the generator. Otherwise the heated air from the generator will be immediately sucked-in again by the fan, and reheat the generator to excessive temperatures. Eventually an air duct or an air-guiding sheet should be mounted, so that the heated and the cool air cannot mix up.
1.14 Mains Supply
- mains voltage 400 V 3/PE +10% / -10%, 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption 3400 VA
- Protective fuses Circuit breaker Fuses 2 x 0,3 a mT
1.15 Dimensions
19'' rack
5 panel units heigh
height 221,0 mm
width 437,0mm
depth 500,0 mm(+100mm for connectors and air flow)
1.15 Weight 52kg
1.16 Protective system IEC 144 -IP 21
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